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Fluted and Tulip muffin Cups made onsite in Cape Town for the baking industry

We supply tulip and fluted muffin cups and cupcake wrappers to the baking industry in South Africa. From our Cape Town based manufacturing facility, we are able to deliver to bakeries in all major centres including Johannesburg, Durban, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth and East London.

We use high quality imported greaseproof baking paper to produce our muffin cups, which comes in various shades including white, chocolate brown and natural brown.

Prior to cutting, we are able to print customised designs or logo branding onto the greaseproof paper. Each cup is made from a single square or disc of baking paper, which is machine-folded by our specialised muffin cup folding machines.

We have 2 different types of machines for producing tulip and fluted muffin cups.

Branded baking cups with decorative printing is a great way to enhance your muffins or cupcakes.

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    What is the difference between a Tulip and a Fluted Muffin Cup?

    Tulip Muffin Cups

    Tulip muffin cups are made from a folded square of greaseproof paper. Tulip baking cups are much deeper than fluted cups.

    Fluted traditional muffin cups

    The traditional fluted or American muffin cup is made from a disc of greaseproof paper. These fluted muffin cups can be packed much more densely, which makes them less bulky and easier to transport.