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Silicone, greaseproof, parchment and release baking paper suppliers in South Africa.

We import baking paper from Scandanavia and supply to the baking industry in South Africa. At our factory we are able to slit and rewind reels to any size, as well as cut sheets according to specifications. We are also able to print prior to sheeting. Our baking papers include silicone paper, greaseproof paper, parchment paper and release papers. Our paper comes in white, natural brown and chocolate brown.

We are South Africa’s largest importer of baking paper raw materials and always carry 100 tonnes of stock to ensure reliable supply.

Our paper is FSC certified and carries ISO 22000: 2005 approval. It has been approved for food contact by all relevant food safety bodies in South Africa.

We provide a cost effective solution for runs exceeding 5000 sheets and deliver nationwide.

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    Silicone baking paper

    Silicone Baking Paper South Africa

    Our range of 100% natural double sided siliconised paper is available from stock in sheets and reels.

    Parchment paper

    Parchment paper South Africa

    High grade parchment paper is grease and moisture resistant specially treated for oven use.

    Release paper

    Release baking paper

    We sell reels for fudge tables which they use as a liner, when they pour fudge. Bakeries are the biggest users of release paper.

    Greaseproof Paper

    Greaseproof Baking Paper South Africa

    We sell all wholesale greaseproof baking paper products in sheets or reels for industrial use. Onsite sheeting machines allow us to sheet baking paper into any size.